10,000 Saints (2015)

Ook bekend als: 10000 Saints

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2015 | 1h42min
Komedie, Drama, Muziek

Set in the 1980’s in the punk-fuelled East Village, New York City, Ten Thousand Saints is a coming of age story that captures the pain of growing up, self-discovery and finding your identity. When Jude (Asa Butterfi eld) is sent to live with his estranged father Les (Ethan Hawke), he soon forms an unlikely surrogate family with Johnny (Emile Hirsch) and a rich uptown girl (Hailee Steinfeld), trying to hide a secret in a neighbourhood on the verge of riots. Including an eclectic mix of straight edge and punk music, Ten Thousand Saints is a love letter to the bygone era of New York City.

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Komedie, Drama, Muziek




Jaar: 2015


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